2010 Open Zooarchaeology Prize Winners

In celebration of Open Access Week, the Alexandria Archive Institute has announced the winners of the 2010 Junior Researcher Open Zooarchaeology Prize competition.

The Junior Researcher Open Zooarchaeology Prize competition awards the best open access, reusable content presented at an International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) conference by a junior researcher (current student or degree in the past 10 years). The 2010 competition is the second time this particular contest has been held, the first being at the 2006 ICAZ meeting in Mexico City (view 2006 results).

The winners of this year’s prize are:
1st Place: David Orton (University of Cambridge) wins $500 for the project The skeleton as map: using GIS technology to facilitate the display and dissemination of anatomical data. View entry in BoneCommons

2nd Place: Jillian Garvey (La Trobe University) wins $200 in books from the David Brown Book Company for her project Bennett’s wallaby marrow quality vs quantity: Evaluating human decision-making and seasonal occupation in late Pleistocene Tasmania. View entry in BoneCommons

For more information about the winners, visit the prize announcement in BoneCommons .

About the competition:
The Junior Researcher Open Zooarchaeology Prize is one of a series of open archaeology prize competitions organized by the Alexandria Archive Institute with support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and sponsorship from the David Brown Book Company.

For more information about the Open Zooarchaeology Prize, visit this link.
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