Ancient World Image Bank

The ever-productive people at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (NYU) are continuing to add on to their Ancient World Image Bank. So far the collection contains photos from archaeological sites in Turkey, the Levant, Egypt, Greece and Italy. They chose to use Flickr instead of setting up their own database system. Maybe an idea worth considering for projects with little or no funds?

The Ancient World Image Bank is a collaborative effort to distribute and encourage the sharing of free digital imagery for the study of the ancient world. Beginning with the slide and digital photography collections of ISAW faculty, staff and affiliates, AWIB will expand to publish imagery donated by others as well.


The Royal Tombs carved into the cliffs at Petra. by Alex Retzleff; copyright: Alex Retzleff (used with permission); photographed place: Petra [] – Published by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World as part of the Ancient World Image Bank (AWIB). Further information: [].

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