Archaeobotanical Database in Tübingen

Scholars at the University of Tübingen in Germany are “investigat[ing] the development of prehistoric wild plant floras of the Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean. The geographic area … represented in the data, includes Greece, Turkey, Western Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and Northern Egypt. The chronological frame comprises the Chalcolithic period, Bronze and Iron Ages, up to Medieval periods. … Archaeobotanical data from 250 archaeological sites in the area under investigation have been collected, and will be analysed within an ongoing research project. Part of the data is available for archaeobotanists, archaeologists and other interested groups. Site or taxa related queries can be conducted.” Free registration is required. I like their Fair Use Notice:

This site was made available in our efforts to support understanding of cultural, economic and environmental development in prehistory. The material on this site is distributed for research and educational purposes without profit to us. We believe this deserves a fair use of the results of your queries. Please cite this page as follows:

Riehl, S. & Kümmel, C., 2005, Archaeobotanical database of Eastern Mediterranean and Near Eastern sites, URI: »«.

Here’s hoping for a great future for this open-access database!

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