DINAA Reports and Publications


DINAA publishes and links large numbers of archaeological data sources. The project centers on data in state site files and their potential to address large-scale research and resource management issues. We greatly appreciate the collaboration and support provided by many SHPO officials and other researchers. We hope these documents provide a clear picture of DINAA and we welcome questions, suggestions, comments, and wider collaboration.

Reporting Documents

Reports on our activities and progress during the first year of developing DINAA:

Final report to the NSF from the first phase of DINAA:

Publications and Presentations
  • Wells, J.J., E.C. Kansa, S.W. Kansa, S.J. Yerka, D.G. Anderson, T.G. Bissett, K.N. Myers, and R.C. DeMuth. 2014c. Web-based discovery and integration of archaeological historic properties inventory data: The Digital Index of North American Archaeology (DINAA). Literary and Linguistic Computing 29(3): 349–360. [https://doi.org/10.1093/llc/fqu028]
  • Anderson, David G. n.d. Using CRM Data for “Big Picture” Research. In 40 Years of CRM (1974–2014): Accomplishments, Challenges, and Opportunities, edited by Francis P. McManamon. Taylor and Francis, Oxon, U.K. In Press.
  • Download a list of DINAA-related presentations (2012 – 2016)