Cyberinfrastructure in Near Eastern Archaeology

At the 2012 ASOR meeting in Chicago last month, the AAI co-organized (with Chuck Jones, ISAW) and presented in the second of a 3-year session Topics in Cyberinfrastructure, Digital Humanities, and Near Eastern Archaeology I. This year’s theme was From Data to Knowledge: Organization, Publication, and Research Outcomes. Presentations and demonstrations took place two back-to-back sessions. Topics in Cyberinfrastructure follows a loose format, with short papers followed by a long discussion period in order to allow maximum time for exchange of ideas among presenters and audience members. We see this as critical in an emergent and quickly developing field and we’re delighted that ASOR is offering more opportunities for these types of “discussion-heavy” sessions. The AAI’s presentation discussed how editorial oversight and the application of linked open data can vastly improve understanding and reuse of data shared on the Web. Other participants presented current projects (The Ur Digitization Project, The Diyala Proejct, The Oriental Institute’s Integrated Database Project), approaches such as 3-D visualization and text analysis/visualization, and the theory of archaeological knowledge creation. View the full program. The third and final Topics in Cyberinfrastructure session, with a tentative theme around training for a digital future, will take place in November 2013 at the ASOR meeting in Baltimore.

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