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The AWOL blog drew my attention to the University of Michigan Digital Library Production Service (DLPS) Digital Collections, in short theĀ MLibrary Digital Collections. Here are a few of the more relevant collections (mostly open access):

Egyptian Amulets, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

The Egyptian Amulet catalog is a collaborative project between the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, and the University of Michigan’s Digital Library Production Service. Initally developed on a fairly small scale (roughly 360 items), the catalog’s purpose was to demonstrate the feasibility and value of transfering the Kelsey catalog of artifacts from a proprietary database system to an SGML-based system providing ubiquitous web access.

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

This collection contains an online version of the catalog of objects from the ancient world (coins, textiles, pottery, sculpture, etc.) that are held by the University of Michigan’s Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. It includes descriptions of over 98,000 objects and fine art photographs. The database is being expanded to include images of many of the artifacts.

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, Textiles

This database is a subset of the online version of the catalog of objects that are held by the University of Michigan’s Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. It contains over 5,000 descriptions of textiles and over 3,000 images of textile artifacts

UM, History of Art Department, Visual Resources Collections

The Department of the History of Art’s digital collection consists of images digitized from slides, books, journals, and prints as well as digital images licensed from vendors, original digital photography donated by faculty, and images provided by other University Visual Resources Collections (VRC). In addition to digital images, the HART VRC Images collection includes data records of the Eleanor S. Collins VRC Teaching Collections, namely the 35mm slide collection.

Format: Image Collections

Access: restricted to UM

Search within group: Architecture, Art / Art History, Photography, and Visual Resources Collections

Sponsor: Digital Library Production Service

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MLibrary Digital Collections

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