Looking Ahead to the Next Decade with DINAA (A Virtual Workshop)

Please consider joining us for a virtual NSF-funded workshop/webinar hosted by Digital Index of North American Archaeology (DINAA) project, designed to summarize the first decade of work with DINAA, and provide guidance for the second. The workshop will take place on Saturday, 7 August 2021. A primary goal of the workshop is to provide a space for colleagues to discuss their archaeological data experiences, needs, and aspirations. Check back on this post in the next few days for the precise timing and preliminary program.

Join us!
We are seeking representatives from SHPOs, THPO and tribal archaeologists, federal and state agencies, CRM companies, libraries, museums, and other institutions concerned with making data more accessible to descendant populations, land managers, researchers, educators, and the general public. We hope that you will be able to join us and share perspectives about working with digital archaeological data.

Topics to be addressed include the following:

  • Current uses of DINAA in various settings, including academic, public education, and CRM
  • Opportunities for collaboration with stakeholders in higher education, government and private sector CRM, museums, and tribal communities.
  • Communication and outreach: How do we reach people and stay engaged?
  • Governance and sustainability

We are able to offer funding to compensate a portion of the participants for their time. Applications for the workshop, and for this funding, can be filled out at: https://forms.gle/FJY1qi4HxExCyv7P8

More details will follow regarding the workshop agenda. To help us structure the agenda, please let us know (via email or in the online application form) of any specific DINAA-related topics you would like to discuss. This will be an opportunity to share your DINAA experience or tell us about your own project and experiences working with archaeological data.

If you accept our invitation, we will invite you to share links to or pdfs of one or more papers that help cover your work, which will be made available to the other participants. We will have the agenda posted in advance, with participant lists, topics and times, and videos and other materials introducing DINAA and the project team for inspection before the workshop. We ask your permission to record the workshop presentations and discussions, which can be done automatically on Zoom, and to post your contact information on the agenda.

If selected for funding, we will send you the forms you need to fill out so we can process your honorarium, which will be paid once the workshop is over. Typically payment occurs fairly quickly as long as the forms are filled out in advance. The funding will be provided by the National Science Foundation and dispersed through the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the home institution of Dr. David Anderson, one of the DINAA PIs.

If you are interested in participating, please let us know by return email or by completing the application form as soon as possible, but ideally by July 28, after which we will begin notifying people about funding. We plan to have between 30-50 funded participants, and more unfunded participants to the extent feasible. We hope you will join us!


David G. Anderson
Eric Kansa
Sarah Whitcher Kansa
Kelsey Noack Myers
Joshua J. Wells
Stephen J. Yerka

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