Musée achéménide

An international collective of scholars led by Pierre Briant (Collège de France, Paris) have established an online “Achaemenid museum.” This elegant musée achéménide website utilizes Flash to provide access to a fine collection of artifacts and historical information regarding the classic Persian civilization known as the Achaemenid empire, the most famous leader of which was Cyrus the Great. Notwithstanding the French project name, the text can be in French as well as German or English. In a few instances, it is clear that the interface especially was conceived in French and not always translated perfectly. Scholars and institutions from France, Germany, the UK, Turkey, Egypt, the Netherlands and the US have contributed. Artifact entries typically contain a photo, museum location, bibliography and description, if not also dimensions, date, provenance, etc. A neat feature is “My archive” which allows to bookmark or save entries.

musée achéménide

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