Chuck Jones alerted me to a new initiative: opendig. I like their slogan: “Free your notes!” The intro states: “At we are endeavoring to offer a place for any archaeological excavation to host their dig notes online. Imagine a place where you can search not only your own site for information, but also sites in the same region, same time period, or just limit it to two or three neighboring sites. This is what we hope to create, but this can only happen with your participation. If you’d like to come on board and host your notes here or if you already have an online database setup, please let us know so we can link to it, and if you have it setup with a RESTful XML resource, then we’ll go ahead and add it to our search capabilities.” There’s only one archaeological project in the database so far: Tall al-’Umayri. There is no introduction to this archaeological site, just data that can be browsed. So I googled it and found that this is a part of the Madaba Plains Project (Jordan) of Andrews University (Michigan). Opendig is provided under a CC Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported license.

Tall al-’Umayri db

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