The Global Egyptian Museum

The Comité International pour l’Égyptologie/International Committee for Egyptology (CIPEG, a committee of ICOM) provided the impetus for the Global Egyptian Museum project (GEM). It is “an international electronic database of Egyptian objects as a tool for scholarly research” (14,975 entries) but also including a version geared toward the general public (1,340 entries). “The aim of the GEM is not to replace or substitute local databases, but to be an extension and supplement of them. Now that most museums have digitized their old file cards in any database system, it should not be too difficult and complicate [sic] to convert object information from a local system to the GEM. Both data entry and retrieval occur with the help of the Multilingual Egyptological Thesaurus, which CIPEG concluded as the standard for electronic databases in 1996. In this new version of the GEM the hierarchy of the main attributes is shown clearly. Data entry can be done in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The Arabic version will be available soon as well. For free text we prefer and recommend English.” It’s well designed and user friendly. Check it out!


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