Ubi Erat Lupa

VBI ERAT LVPA—in Latin, the letter “V” was used for both the “v” and the “u”—is an initiative of the Forschungsgesellschaft Wiener Stadtarchäologie (Austria) and is subtitled “Die Internet-Fährte der römischen Wölfin” or less mellifluous in English: “The Internet Tracks of the Roman She-Wolf.” “Ubi erat lupa” is of course Latin for “Where was the she-wolf”—this animal was the symbol of Rome. This project is “an open web-platform. Being based on scientific databases, the project wishes to promote the consciousness for antiquity as a root of the European culture in a Europe rapidly growing together. LVPA addresses the interested amateur, tourists and scientists, as well as schools, museums and collections.” The English version of the website is obviously a translation from the original German. The included databases cover subjects such as Roman stone monuments, stamped tiles, etc. They are not integrated though: searching or browsing can only be done for an individual database. They offer colleagues to “Bring and browse your material.” For instance, LODAS (Lupa Online Data Administration System) is a “suite of web applications specially designed for the administration and publication of electronic data resources via the internet in the field of archaeology/epigraphy.”


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