Workshop on data publishing for Near Eastern archaeologists

“Publishing Archaeological Data from the Field to the Web”

Thursday November 18 at 2pm, Sheraton Atlanta

Open to all ASOR meeting attendees

At the upcoming 2010 American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) meeting in Atlanta, the creators of Open Context are leading a workshop focused on effective techniques for Near Eastern archaeologists to publish their research data on the Web. We will discuss the entire process of data publication, starting with field collection and concluding with Web and print-based publication. Topics to be addressed include: (1) how to design recording methods for smooth transition to Web publication; (2) guidelines for documenting your data to make it available for informed reuse; (3) linking analytic data and multimedia to print publication; (4) use and citation issues with web-published content; (5) an overview of systems, open formats, and archiving choices to improve data longevity; and (6) a discussion of the new NSF requirements for data access and preservation.It will also discuss related data sharing initiatives relevant to Near Eastern archaeology.

Update (Nov. 28): The handout from this workshop is now available for download.

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