DAI Archaeological Bibliography online users’ poll

“For many years the German Archaeological Institute [Deutsches Archäologisches Institut or DAI] has been compiling the Archaeological Bibliography which has established itself as an essential research tool in the area of ancient cultures of the Mediterranean Sea. Since 2002 it has been freely available on the internet and offers a thesaurus based systematical search in addition to common search options. The Archaeological Bibliography is being expanded on a daily basis by the departments in Rome, Athens, Istanbul and the head office in Berlin and now comprises approx. 400,000 title references.  The German Archaeological Institute endeavours to enhance its research and information facilities – a challenge which we can only approach with your help. Hence, we would like to kindly ask you to participate in our online poll, available in Englisch, German, Greek and Italian. The survey will be evaluated anonymously.”  This is a good time to express your needs as a (potential) user of this database!


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