Publish or Perish 2014, Resurrected Online

On February 13-14, the IFHA Project at UC Davis hosted the first Innovating Communication in Scholarship (ICIS) conference. The theme this year was Publish or Perish – the Future of Academic Publishing and Careers. Open Context’s Eric Kansa attended the conference as a panelist in the session “Beyond Journals & New Forms of Digital Publishing.” For those of us who couldn’t attend, the conference organizers have done a fantastic job of broadcasting the entire conference in a variety of ways. If you can find a few spare hours, here are some ways you can experience Publish or Perish 2014…

    Session Videos: On the main conference page you will find the agenda and links to over ten hours of videos from the six main panel sessions: The Changing Nature of the Journal; Beyond Journals & New Forms of Digital Publishing; Innovations in Peer Review; Changing the Value Proposition of Publishing; Altmerics: Do they Measure Anything Useful?; and Assessment.
    Tweets: You can also experience a snapshot of the two days of the conference through the sequence of tweets organized with Storify (Day 1 and Day 2). This was a highly-tweety crowd and the series of comments really shows the value of the 140-character tweet to highlight golden nuggets from events.

The ICIS project is made possible by an award from the Interdisciplinary Frontiers in the Humanities and Arts (IFHA) program at UC Davis.

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