Publishing Archaeolocial Data on the Web: Guidelines and Discussions

I am pleased to report a great turnout at the at the workshop on data publishing at the American Schools of Oriental Research meeting (ASOR) in Atlanta just before Thanksgiving. Thanks to Discussants Matt Vincent, Stephen Savage and Aaron Brody for their unique perspectives, and to Eric Kansa, Convener Extraordinaire!

We had prepared handouts for a dozen attendees and were about twenty-five handouts short. This is good news for research data– people are getting interested, not only in using it, but in properly collecting, documenting, and sharing it.

Here is the handout, for those who didn’t receive a copy or who weren’t able to attend. Bear in mind, this is a working document. Productive discussions like those that occurred during the 2 hour workshop will help inform revisions to this document.

This handout, “Guidelines for Web-Based Data Publication in Archaeology” has six sections:

1. Glossary of Some Useful Terms
2. Some Simple Web Design Tips
3. Questions to ask of a Digital Resource
4. Preparing your Data for Web Publication
5. Structuring a Data Access Plan
6. A Few Key Web Standards

We welcome comments, criticisms and suggestions and look forward to continuing the discussion at the next ASOR and on the Google Group dedicated to this topic.

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