Open Access Week Presentation

A big thanks to the University of Arizona Libraries for their kind invitation to speak at their Open Access Week events. I joined Victoria Stodden who talked about reproducibility of research and Steve Koch who talked about integrating open science in instruction and his research activities (including a great example of collaboration mediated by YouTube, of all things).

Naturally I talked about Open Context, but also about how archaeology needs to cultivate a vibrant distributed information ecosystem. So much of my talk emphasized how we’re trying to make Open Context play a complementary and collaborative role with digital repositories (such as CDL and tDAR) and lots of other archaeological and humanistic data providers and projects (Pleiades, GAP, Nomisma, Pelagios, etc.). I ended with a discussion of how we’re exploring a model of data-sharing as publication and working to develop editorial processes to make this a reality. Those interested in more can check out the slides (6 MB PDF).

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